TCPS Ep7 – Nov. 22, 2014 | Musika at Pag-Ibig

Chiqui interviews Ms. Josie “mama diosa” Josephine Roces Chavez and Leander Mendoza, her co-performing artists in the musical “Musika at Pag-Ibig”.

Musika Pic1
From left: Leander Mendoza, Chiqui Pineda, Josie Chavez and Bong Chavez


The first time we were together was back in 2011. Also in KCCC for my “comeback concert”. That was the time I decided to get back into singing…slowly but surely, I got back the way one gets back on the bike after a long time not riding it. It was thrilling and I felt so supported, having these excellent, supportive ang generous artists and friends with me.

Musika at Pagibig Concert with Leander Mendoza, Josie and Bong Chavez, Imelda Papa, Carissa, Leon Leonsito, The Mississauga Seniors choir, the KCCC Rondalla, Direk Rey Tamayo and Mama Ching Quejas.

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