My Zeal Love Story



let me begin my love story post with a hate story:

i hate, let me repeat, HATE networking. there. i said it. i don’t get the numbers mumbo-jumbo part. and the quotas. ugh! and the talk about triangles, binaries, and oh-god…pyramids! scare the bleep out of me. but, see, the thing is – as one of my most trusted and loyal and kindhearted friends, master of networking herself, has tried to share with me for over a decade now (Hi, Marge!) it works. it works because it spreads the wealth. if the company and the products are great. which is why i fell in love with Zurvita, the company that makes Zeal.

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Need Energy? Come sit with me awhile.


Hello. I’m a big fan.

I’m a fan of Energy.  Way before this present revolution of quantum physics and the Green Movement.  More than anything else – your intelligence, religious or political leanings, sexual orientation, clothes you wear…you know – things you see on the surface, I first zero in on your Energy levels. It’s not something I do consciously.  It’s always been automatic.  Since I was a child, I’ve noticed that I didn’t hear so much as feel people when they spoke, no matter how clear and eloquent their words were. I had a sense of them first. Then according to what I felt, my ears would choose to open or stay shut. 🙂 I wonder if you’re the same way…
I’ve learned that Energy is not just one’s physical strength or mental power. It’s stability, sturdiness of body, mind and spirit. It’s the complete package.  Ganda mo nga, dami mong bling, pero wala ka namang Inner Glow, talo!  I know.  I’ve been this way many times.

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