Owl Is Well

I had to force my gnarly fingers – while summoning super-human will power – to just.put.the.hook.down.already.

Like an addict, I struggled, I stumbled, I strayed to the left, then right, then back to the hook again, trying over and over and on the 7th attempt, finally succeeded and let go.

I need to free my hand; I need to free myself so I can write this out or I’ll regret it one day. Okay, okay.  Mamadrama over and out.  My fingers are not gnarly.  Not yet anyway.  I was completely honest about the struggle to let go though.  Yes, I’m addicted.  In a good way, I tell myself.

The hook is my favorite 5.0mm Clover made in Japan. The heart and wills are pulling towards the latest project: Owls! More specifically, crocheted cozy, cute-as-a-button Cuddly Owlies!


Aren’t they a hoot?!?

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“Make Good Art”


The frozen lake outside our bedroom window. Winter, 2013.

Hibernation Station.

I was in it for over a month. Right at the height of the Christmas vacation.  During Canada’s ‘Ice Age’, or what the experts called the Polar Vortex or the North American cold wave…make that VERY cold wave.

Moving out of hibernation mode always feel very awkward, like walking on cold, wet tiles after a nice warm shower. The protective cocoon of hibernation seems so nice.  So safe.

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