Splotch Monsters, A Love Story



A Monsterrrific Valentine Story, featuring the V-day Splotch Monsters

 It begins with adoration.  Of course it does.  At first sight.

Sienna shared this on her FB page last week and I was hooked ~


The Original Splotch Monsters by Steve Loya


It’s a print for her baby girl’s room.  She just bought it from an artist named Steve Loya based in Virginia.

His original illustrations are on his Splotch Monster Island blog.

It was not just his amazing rendition of such adorable monsters – the soft watercolors, the cute odd shapes, all original characters because, really, how much control would you have on a splotch, right?  It was the positive messages as well:  “Learn how to knit.”  “Send a letter to a friend.”  “Get lost in a book.”

Wowkapow!  They got me at book.  And snailmail.  And knit!  That’s a three-in-one for this nerdy mommy who believes that doomsday can be averted if everybody had the capacity to either knit, snailmail and read/write books.  And draw.  Be they books, monsters or other.

Steve Loya has got amazing originality, mad drawing/sketching skills and has messages, life lessons really, that truly work.  Yup.  I’ve tested each one.

It was love at first splotch.

I refer to monsters a lot in my blogging.  Mainly to represent the dark side of creativity: Resistance, Gremlins, PYS Monsters and the lot.

This would be the first time that I’m shining a positive light on them.  Here’s my splotchy story.  In doodles.


The it-aint-easy-being-green Splotch Monster



The Fancy Fishy Fish Splotch Monster



The Octopoop Splotch Monster (title inspired by Ms O’s comment: “It looks like poop, Mom”. Ha! :D)



Now you have yourself a monsterrrrrrific Valentine.

And as Steve Loya says:

Splotch on!!!

Courage in splotchy creativity,