A love letter to young artists



My Dear Young (and not so young) Artista,

This is your Ate Chiqui speaking. I, along with my fellow Inartestas (Chacha, Allison, Vina, Sienna, Myrna and Liezl, yes i’ve formed a committee in my head na) am writing to you today because it’s time. It’s time to…

1) Set things straight. Beginning with a Permission Slip. You, yes YOU have absolute permission to be an artist. If you’ve doubted it all along, today is the day that we banish this doubt. Yes, you will still hear the little gravelly voice of your monster Worry not, chocnut.  They are friendly if you know how to feed them:  You don’t.  This monster will whisper doubt-thoughts and doubt-stories in your head.  Remember: they’re just that: whispers. you are an artist. you can choose to listen. or not. if you do, then create from that place of doubt and fear. it’s ok. i’ve done it many times. i’m doing it right now. still works.  see?  🙂

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why i love yoga

photo (1)

Yes, I’m 46.  Yes, I’ve tried it all.  Let’s see…there was Aerobics (remember those Jane Fonda VHS tapes?  VHS?  What’s that?!?  LOL), Pilates, Kick-boxing, Ballet/Hip-hop and Belly-dancing (and one pole, too!), Running, Swimming, Speed Walking and finally, Zumba-rumba-sisboombah!  Yet, nothing and I mean absolutely nothing compares to my beloved Yoga practice.  Why?  I’ve mapped out the reasons in a quick cluster-sketch above.  But just in case you can’t read my Chiqui-scratch, I’ll spell it out just for you.  Here goes…

I LOVE Yoga because

1)  It’s calming.  It’s peace*full.

Almost all the other exercises I’ve tried had at best, either a bully-like creature upfront or at worse, a downright dirty bootcamp bossypants.  Yoga is not only easy to carry, and I mean that literally (how hard is it to get a mat?) and figuratively (it’s easy on the body and mind), you get calm and full of peace while getting healthy.Continue Reading

Hello, November!


Sharing this warm-hearted message from Helen and The Holstee Family ~

Welcome to November! For many, this month marks the beginning of the holiday season, a time of giving, creating memories, practicing gratitude and spending time with loved ones.

My challenge to you is: why should it stop (or rather start) there? Though this time of year often comes with warm feelings, for many it is a time that can feel difficult, stressful or very lonely. It’s been said that we don’t appreciate what we have until we’ve lost it.Continue Reading

I know I promised not to do it again but…

I did.  I did.

Cue music: Oops, I Did It Again. 🙂

It being this piercing scream that I’m sure my station manager/producers (and my Dad!) are getting so annoyed at already.

But how could I not?!?  After this witty ditty from the one and only, the legendary, the…

Ah, basta!  Just listen and I know you’ll understand completely.  (And perhaps Tili Moreno with me, too! LOL)


And I am 16 again.

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