Owl Is Well

I had to force my gnarly fingers – while summoning super-human will power – to just.put.the.hook.down.already.

Like an addict, I struggled, I stumbled, I strayed to the left, then right, then back to the hook again, trying over and over and on the 7th attempt, finally succeeded and let go.

I need to free my hand; I need to free myself so I can write this out or I’ll regret it one day. Okay, okay.  Mamadrama over and out.  My fingers are not gnarly.  Not yet anyway.  I was completely honest about the struggle to let go though.  Yes, I’m addicted.  In a good way, I tell myself.

The hook is my favorite 5.0mm Clover made in Japan. The heart and wills are pulling towards the latest project: Owls! More specifically, crocheted cozy, cute-as-a-button Cuddly Owlies!


Aren’t they a hoot?!?

My first owl came to be after I bought my very first Crochet World (CW), a magazine for crochet lovers, last week, while grocery shopping at Walmart. I had absolutely no plans of getting CW as I have my reliable YouTube with its easy-peasy-freebie tutorials to follow. Besides, those abbreviations, I imagined, would drive me insane! I am bobo and impatient with following instructions when there’s a bunch of numbers are attached to them! Tsk-tsk. If I only knew how capable I was at reading the patterns…

Hay, naku.  This doubt-laden artists’ life!  Aaaaaany*hooot*….


So…owl is well in this artist’s world.  As long as I’m making something. These owls are owl I think about these days!  The pattern was right there on page 50 of the June Summer edition of CW. It caught my eye because I am a sucker for cute, yes, ma’am,  I’m in my 40’s and I still go for cute over chic, cartoons over classics. (Unless they were classic cartoons noh.)


Speaking of cute, may I invite you to my showroom of cuteness over at Etsy.com?

I’d really love for you to come visit and avail of…are you ready…wait for it…

My love-infused Pay What You Can soft opening sale at ChiquiArtShop!!!

Yes, yes, my dearest, yes. As a token of my undying gratitude and love for the creative process and for everything Blessed Art, I’m obeying the Muse: Offer these beloved creations to everyone on a Pay-What-You-Can/Want basis! I’ve been a fan of the concept and have supported many artists over the years in their launches, all the while feeling grateful that I could avail of their offering at a price I can afford. I always end up being a loyal and appreciative customer. This is what I’m hoping will happen to my shop. Here are the codes, just for you, if and when you’re ready to order. You will need an email address to open an ETSY account and the codes are to be entered at Checkout.

5% OFF ~ opensesame5

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*Above codes are valid until 15th of July 2014 only. So hurry!
**Please read my shipping policy as some items are made to order.
Don’t hesitate to message me for any question!

Thank you for sharing in my joy. May the pieces you choose for yourself (family and/or friends) bring you as much joy and artistic freedom that making these pieces brought me. As for this darn addiction to yarn, that’s a crochet chronicle entry for another time, my friend.

Stay tuned!


Courage in Creativity,
Chiqui Pineda-Azimi

ChiquiArtShop at ETSY