My Zeal Love Story



let me begin my love story post with a hate story:

i hate, let me repeat, HATE networking. there. i said it. i don’t get the numbers mumbo-jumbo part. and the quotas. ugh! and the talk about triangles, binaries, and oh-god…pyramids! scare the bleep out of me. but, see, the thing is – as one of my most trusted and loyal and kindhearted friends, master of networking herself, has tried to share with me for over a decade now (Hi, Marge!) it works. it works because it spreads the wealth. if the company and the products are great. which is why i fell in love with Zurvita, the company that makes Zeal.

i hope i don’t sound like an arrogant shmuck when i say this: i don’t need to work. i’m so very, very and one more for goodblessedluck VERY lucky to have a good husband with a good income to support our growing family of five. did i say i’m very lucky? yes. i am and i thank God for that every day. Thank You, God, indeed.

i don’t need to work. i want to work. because working is fun. and it doesn’t hurt to help bring extra income to the table. my work being The Work of sharing good stuff with good peeps: 1-my love for creativity and everything that comes with it (in my case: my music, my photography, my doodling/crocheting.) 2-healthy living (walking, swimming, journaling) and most recently 3-this love affair with this wellness drink called Zeal.

my bottomline is this: i found a product that works for good-old-tired-(no-more!) me. if sharing it with my fellow tired souls especially my beloved working moms who are kapoy to the bones tired gives me business, thank you very much. but this isn’t my main objective in all this sharing.  i’m doing this in the name of sharing Good Things.

now, if you want to get the dollars and cents of Zeal, i’ll bring in the best, superwoman, my colleague Ms. V, to explain everything to you. (She only made $300k last year doing this for 1.5 years. Tsk. small time lang. NOT. :D)

i’m lucky that i belong to a generous team that can help explain the meat and potatoes of the business because, god knows, i can’t. yet. in time, i will master this bit, too. but, honestly, it’s not my priority. and i haven’t really “sold” anything in my life apart from beloved hand-made stuff and a few bead accessories.  yes, i’m THAT bad.  LOL. my husband, J, laughs at my naiveté when it comes to hard-core sales because i’m just that: Naive and “way too honest” for my own good, the expert marketing mayvens tell me. ouch!

but, hey. ouch or not, it works for me. all my life i’ve only done things that make ME happy and consequently, i notice, makes others feel that joy, too.

so, going back to this Zeal For Life thing, come and check it out. yes, i’m talking to you over-worked, overwhelmed, stressed-to-your-eyeballs you. there’s another way to navigating this one beautiful and bountiful life you are living. let me say that again: this one life YOU.Are.Living no, not just surviving. so get some Zeal into your life and see what energetic magic you can create in your life!

Zealiciously yours,
Chiqui Pineda-Azimi