I know I promised not to do it again but…

I did.  I did.

Cue music: Oops, I Did It Again. 🙂

It being this piercing scream that I’m sure my station manager/producers (and my Dad!) are getting so annoyed at already.

But how could I not?!?  After this witty ditty from the one and only, the legendary, the…

Ah, basta!  Just listen and I know you’ll understand completely.  (And perhaps Tili Moreno with me, too! LOL)


And I am 16 again.


TCPS JoseMariChan

Mr. Jose Mari Chan, that was simply #epic.  Endearing.  Charming.  Ang galing-galing-galing!

#fanmode #fangirly now and foreverly!

Do check out JoeMari’s brand new Christmas album ready for download from iTunes!

Ok.  Ready!  SING.

“Beautiful girl, wherever you are

I knew when I saw you, you had opened the door…”

at eto pa…

“I will be true to you, just a promise from you will do

From the very start, please be careful with my heart.”

Ooooh MY tigidig*tigidig be-still-my-beating-heart,


Til the next tili-ness with Chiquiness…Chikablessings my darling!

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