Chiqui Pineda was a VIVA recording artist from 1994 to 1998. In 1996, Chiqui released a self-titled debut album featuring the immortal hits “How Did You Know” (composed by Cecile Azarcon) and “Tanging Ikaw” (composed by Vehnee Saturno).



 Chiqui Pineda

1 – How Did You Know
2 – Ngayon Narito Ako
3 – Tanging Ikaw
4 – Sabi Ko
5 – Inaalay Ko
6 – Habang Maaga Pa
7 – Just Tell Me Now
8 – Paano Ba Ang Magpaalam
9 – Sa Isang Sulok ng Pangarap

You can download Chiqui’s songs at  iTunes.


  1. Ganda talaga ng boses. Brings back memories of a very simple time. Thank you Chiqui. Thank you Cecil Azarcon. ♪♫♩”How Did You Know”♪♫♩