Dear Special Needs Mom

The ASD Episode


This Chiqui Pineda Show Episode 22 was originally posted back in March, 2015.

Fast-forward to today, 2018, I received this touching message in my Facebook inbox recently.

It made me fill up with joy and gratitude beyond words. Thank you so much, M. And thanks for letting me share your message. Your words are most touching and truly inspiring. ♥️

Hi Miss Chiqui,

I came across your radio station when I was Googling you, Miss Chiqui Pineda. I am your fan. I love your song “How Did You Know”. The reason I started to Google you is because you were in Miss Fe delos Reyes’ Show, “Fency Comedy Show”, here in Milpitas, CA, yesterday, May 18. Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch it because I have to babysit my kids.

Okay, so, while I was listening to your songs & browsing, I came across this episode, TCPS Episode 22, For Special Needs Moms. It immediately hit me. I am a special needs mom. I have two kids in the spectrum. I have three sons & two of them have ASD. My 2nd son, 18 yo, now a freshman in a university, diagnosed with Asperger’s, high functioning, super smart, was mainstreamed in school, also has Tourette’s Syndrome, anxiety & depression.

My youngest son, 7 yo, diagnose at 18 months, in special needs class, has ID & Tourette’s Syndrome. In 2012, I have to quit my job so I can attend my youngest son’s numerous appointments. He started attending Early Intervention at 18 months. Therefore, I can very well relate with Maria, Charina, and the rest of the moms in the stories. While I was listening to your interview with Maria, I felt like she was describing me and my family. My youngest was the first to be diagnosed in 2012.

My 2nd son, because he was very smart & we were never educated on Autism, was diagnosed in 2013. I agree with her, & I believe all autism parents, especially moms, as well, that the first thing that I felt is GUILT. I asked myself many, many, many times what I did wrong. I got angry & cried a lot. Why? Why did it happen to us, why my kids, & why two of them? Until now, I still have those moments.

To tell you the truth, I have depression myself. So, to know and to hear those words from a special needs mom herself, is very comforting. You see, Autism does not have a cure. It is a life long condition. That is why, the fear of all autism parents, is, what happens to our children after we are gone? I agree with Charina, I can also relate to her. We have to take care of ourselves. I gained a lot of weight, I have hbp, depression, etc.

I work full time now as well and work is also very stressful and demanding. I used to attend Zumba classes 5 times a week but in the last three years, sadly, I cannot attend anymore, I sometime feel like I have no more energy, I am feeling a lot of pains and aches now, etc. Three weeks ago, I decided to start being active again. I told myself, how can I be a good mom to my kids if I cannot function properly, emotionally and physically. Being a special needs mom requires a lot of physical and emotional strength. I apologize if this is long. I wanted to write too so I can share it with other moms. (Not long at all, Ms M. It’s perfect in its sincerity and vulnerability.)

Thank you so much for your God-given talent. Good luck and may continue to be angel to more moms.

From M, in California, USA.


Jeanette AKA Maria and Wruddy Chawing, look at your gift that keeps giving! Love you both so much and thanks again for sharing your stories with me. Three years later, still touching hearts. ❤️#specialneeds #specialneedskids  #ASD  #specialneedsmom #autism #disability

Below is the Pinoy Radio Episode 22 Mom M. was referring to. Enjoy!




pinoyradioIn celebration of all the tireless (but very tired!) Special Needs Moms all over the world who are patiently and lovingly caring for their special children! 

Courage in Creativity and Special Caring,