Day 10 *insert brown gloppy emoticon with eyes here*

Today I feel like cr*p.

It started last Wednesday: full-on scratchy, itchy, raw throat, lead-head and achy jello-like body which almost make me not want to continue with cr*p course.  I still did my exam at 1-3 pm in the afternoon today.  By 4pm, post exam, I felt the full on flu-like symptoms.

So I’ll stop right here.  Besides, typing on an iPhone at 1:52am trying to catch up to the dailies is beginning to feel rather pathetic.  On top of feeling like sh*t, and as hippie Steve, the oldest student in the class said today because the review was going on for too long:

“This can’t be good for the chi, man!”

I will spare yours and mine this heaviness for now.

Goodnight from my flu-ish quarters.

Tomorrow’s going to be better! *fingers crossed*