The Courageous Creative Soul of Chiqui Pineda

FIL1825Chiqui Pineda is a Filipino artist. Multi-skilled and talented, Chiqui is a firm believer of “courage in creativity”.

Born in Manila, Chiqui attended Stella Maris Academy of Davao City and completed an Economics degree at UP Diliman.

The “How Did You Know” Years

Chiqui was a VIVA Record artist from 1994 to 1998. She released a self-titled debut album featuring the immortal hits “How Did You Know” (composed by Cecile Azarcon) and “Tanging Ikaw” (composed by Vehnee Saturno). “How Did You Know” received a Gold Record Award in 1994 and revived by many well-known Filipino artists, notably Gary Valenciano and Aiza Seguerra. To this day, HDYK is played in most karaoke get-togethers by Filipinos worldwide.

Chiqui co-hosted TV shows like “Chibugan Na” (with Rico J. Puno and Hajji Alejandro) and “Talk of the Town” (with Eddie Mercado and Willi Cruz).

In 1999, Chiqui joined the stellar cast of “Rama at Sita“, an opulent musical by SK Productions staged at the UP Theater. Chiqui as Sita wowed the audience with her touching performance. She joined the likes of Ariel Rivera, Raymond Lauchengco and Lani Misalucha on stage. “Rama at Sita” received rave reviews from the press and theatre-goers alike.

The Diaspora Years

At the height of her singing career, Chiqui chose to emigrate to Canada and start a new adventure. Since then, she has been living the life of a diaspora juggling her time between her husband Jack and their three children while keeping her creative spirit alive.

It was during this domesticity period that Chiqui found new ways to channel her creative drive. She discovered photography and setup KatShots Photography. Her family portraits are well received and it is through images that Chiqui discovered “Ordinary Everyday Magic” that we all tend to overlook in the bustle of our lives. She also found support in a Flickr community called Pinoy Kodakeros, a group of like-minded Filipino photographers around the world.

If Chiqui is not drawing her evocative sketches which can be found in her Flickr gallery, you will find her writing courageously in her website, Through her writing shares, she found that she has another facet to her long list of creative skills. You see, Chiqui can spot closeted artists too. She has the knack for drawing out “hidden” or “buried” creative skills from everyday folk. She has since been an inspiration and an energy-source to so many of her friends when she set up Inarté. Inarté is a Facebook group that offers a safe haven for female self-expresssion.

Chiqui discovers magic within a person, then proceeds to find just the right key to give that person flight. She has the ability to tweak, do small adjustments, the right words of encouragement.  She has mentored many souls in her lifetime and continues to do so with such unconditional giving. It is her calling, to give and to unlock “closet queens and kings”. –

Chiqui never stopped singing, her first love. She embarked on a 100 song challenge called 100 Im.Perfect.Songs Project to harness her voice and to share her music. Her fans are the lucky recipient of Chiqui’s generosity on Soundcloud.

The Welcome Back Year

Chiqui at the Canada for Philippines benefit concert.

Chiqui at the Canada for Philippines benefit concert. Photo by Michelle Lindo.

In late 2013, Chiqui delved into song writing. She has always written songs, but this time, she recorded and released it for her friends and family to enjoy on SoundcloudRead about the making ofBorrowed Time“.

In November 2013, Chiqui staged a total of 6 shows which marked her return into the limelight. Most notable of the shows were her fundraising efforts for typhoon Haiyan in “Bayanihan sa Max’s Restaurant” and the St Norbert Church Christmas Concert, a building fund drive. She also joined a stellar lineup of Filipino-Canadian musical talents in an event dubbed “Canada For Philippines” at the Fairmont York Hotel with the Kol Hope Foundation.


Chiqui signs a one year contract to host her very own radio show at called The Chiqui Pineda Show or simply TCPS. The Chiqui Pineda Radio Show premiered on October 11, 2014 to the delight of all Chiqui fans. It airs every Sunday at 5PM EST around the world (REPLAYS on Wednesdays at 7PM EST). Listen to previous episodes at

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Listen to “How Did You Know” on SoundCloud.

Listen to “Borrowed Time”, the acoustic version, on SoundCloud.

Watch Rama and Sita on YouTube. Click here for more musical clips.