First Episode for 2015 | Ms Joey Albert joins Chiquiness

Join me on The First Episode of TCPS for 2015! I’ll be sharing “Points of View” with the one and only Ms JOEY ALBERT. Now, “Tell Me” tell meee…you’re not going to miss this, mama! Join us today Sunday 5PM/Eastern Time and Monday 6AM/Phil time at Wednesdays) Leave me comments, questions, Joey’s autograph, nail clippings etc etc… . Because “I Remember The Boy…but I don’t remember the feeling anymore. Lol. Sentihan na! (Click on image to stream episode)


I know I promised not to do it again but…

I did.  I did.

Cue music: Oops, I Did It Again. 🙂

It being this piercing scream that I’m sure my station manager/producers (and my Dad!) are getting so annoyed at already.

But how could I not?!?  After this witty ditty from the one and only, the legendary, the…

Ah, basta!  Just listen and I know you’ll understand completely.  (And perhaps Tili Moreno with me, too! LOL)


And I am 16 again.

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The Last Time, A Poem


Dedicated to my fellow parents, grandparents, caregivers or anyone who has ever taken care of wee ones…

It’s heart-tugging then heartwrenching and heartwarming everything heartfelt!

The first time it made the rounds, it said Author Unknown.

Today, I find a name and the poem is attributed to a poet named Darren J. Lennax.


No matter who wrote it, the feelings and sentiments ring…no, CLANG TRUE.

I wish you joy*filled moments of heart-walking-outside-your-body now and always.



Flashback Friday plus a throwback song, too!

 Previously titled: Day 24 | And here’s another one for “Throwback Thursday” and a throwback song, too!
Join me and friends tomorrow on The Chiqui Pineda Show sa, 9AM/EST*; with the songwriter/producer himself, Vehnee ‘The Hitmaker” Saturno for more ChikaBlessings!!! *10PM/PST ; 5PM/UAE Time
Ang Big Hair…*bow*!  ACK. 😀 | 1992

The above photo was my very first ‘glamour shot’ for a newspaper article they were going to write about me.  It was a feature on the San Miguel Beer Ad’s Centennial Jingle – 100 Years of San Mig – which featured the late great Fernando Poe Jr. as the hero on a horse.  I got to sing the jingle.  I don’t have a recording of it.  Sayang.
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