why i love yoga

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Yes, I’m 46.  Yes, I’ve tried it all.  Let’s see…there was Aerobics (remember those Jane Fonda VHS tapes?  VHS?  What’s that?!?  LOL), Pilates, Kick-boxing, Ballet/Hip-hop and Belly-dancing (and one pole, too!), Running, Swimming, Speed Walking and finally, Zumba-rumba-sisboombah!  Yet, nothing and I mean absolutely nothing compares to my beloved Yoga practice.  Why?  I’ve mapped out the reasons in a quick cluster-sketch above.  But just in case you can’t read my Chiqui-scratch, I’ll spell it out just for you.  Here goes…

I LOVE Yoga because

1)  It’s calming.  It’s peace*full.

Almost all the other exercises I’ve tried had at best, either a bully-like creature upfront or at worse, a downright dirty bootcamp bossypants.  Yoga is not only easy to carry, and I mean that literally (how hard is it to get a mat?) and figuratively (it’s easy on the body and mind), you get calm and full of peace while getting healthy.Continue Reading

My Zeal Love Story



let me begin my love story post with a hate story:

i hate, let me repeat, HATE networking. there. i said it. i don’t get the numbers mumbo-jumbo part. and the quotas. ugh! and the talk about triangles, binaries, and oh-god…pyramids! scare the bleep out of me. but, see, the thing is – as one of my most trusted and loyal and kindhearted friends, master of networking herself, has tried to share with me for over a decade now (Hi, Marge!) it works. it works because it spreads the wealth. if the company and the products are great. which is why i fell in love with Zurvita, the company that makes Zeal.

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