why i love yoga

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Yes, I’m 46.  Yes, I’ve tried it all.  Let’s see…there was Aerobics (remember those Jane Fonda VHS tapes?  VHS?  What’s that?!?  LOL), Pilates, Kick-boxing, Ballet/Hip-hop and Belly-dancing (and one pole, too!), Running, Swimming, Speed Walking and finally, Zumba-rumba-sisboombah!  Yet, nothing and I mean absolutely nothing compares to my beloved Yoga practice.  Why?  I’ve mapped out the reasons in a quick cluster-sketch above.  But just in case you can’t read my Chiqui-scratch, I’ll spell it out just for you.  Here goes…

I LOVE Yoga because

1)  It’s calming.  It’s peace*full.

Almost all the other exercises I’ve tried had at best, either a bully-like creature upfront or at worse, a downright dirty bootcamp bossypants.  Yoga is not only easy to carry, and I mean that literally (how hard is it to get a mat?) and figuratively (it’s easy on the body and mind), you get calm and full of peace while getting healthy.Continue Reading

Hello, November!


Sharing this warm-hearted message from Helen and The Holstee Family ~

Welcome to November! For many, this month marks the beginning of the holiday season, a time of giving, creating memories, practicing gratitude and spending time with loved ones.

My challenge to you is: why should it stop (or rather start) there? Though this time of year often comes with warm feelings, for many it is a time that can feel difficult, stressful or very lonely. It’s been said that we don’t appreciate what we have until we’ve lost it.Continue Reading

I know I promised not to do it again but…

I did.  I did.

Cue music: Oops, I Did It Again. 🙂

It being this piercing scream that I’m sure my station manager/producers (and my Dad!) are getting so annoyed at already.

But how could I not?!?  After this witty ditty from the one and only, the legendary, the…

Ah, basta!  Just listen and I know you’ll understand completely.  (And perhaps Tili Moreno with me, too! LOL)


And I am 16 again.

Ahahaaay…sigh.Continue Reading

The Last Time, A Poem


Dedicated to my fellow parents, grandparents, caregivers or anyone who has ever taken care of wee ones…

It’s heart-tugging then heartwrenching and heartwarming everything heartfelt!

The first time it made the rounds, it said Author Unknown.

Today, I find a name and the poem is attributed to a poet named Darren J. Lennax.


No matter who wrote it, the feelings and sentiments ring…no, CLANG TRUE.

I wish you joy*filled moments of heart-walking-outside-your-body now and always.