The Pleasure Revolution


Pleasure (Photo credit: velo_city)

There was the Feminists’ Revolution in the 60’s.

Then came the Fitness Revolution in the 70’s.

Here we are in the midst of…wait for it…*drum roll*…The Pleasure Revolution.

Pero teka, teka…

Important Note: Pleasure is not Sex.  Sex is sex.  Pleasure can be sex but it’s NOT just sex.

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Bada** Badlands!

Bada** Badlands!

I can’t stop talking about it. These wavy, smooth-then-jagged rock formations! And soil and shale and stones and red earth.

I fell in love with the Cheltenham Badlands the first time I saw it on a photographer’s website. She used it as a backdrop for the bride and groom’s shoot. It looked so exotic and dynamic and so red!

Yesterday, I finally had the boiling desire spurred by my pickled and prunned-out feelings – generated by Staycation Fever to just get up and go already!

There were a few objections. Ok, there was a chorus of it, one of those expected Tween City sounds you’ll get used to hopefully sooner than later. This made me all yelly. A few escaped BUT I caught the rest of it just as I was filling the water bottles.

“Ok, Holy Spirit, help me out here. I want this for them as much as I want it for me. We need to get some air. Fresh, natural un-conditioned air. Oh, and sunlight while we’re at it. Grant me patience, please and thank You.”

Within half an hour we were there and it was breathtaking…and yes, fresh air breath, too! It was really as red as the photographer’s images showed and those contours and jagged hills made me stay in my spot taking more photos instead of hopping around in my runners that felt slippery risking plummeting into the crevices. The kids were, of course, much braver than me. They were on the other side of the main cluster of earth in a few minutes. No, the drops were not deep so the most you’d probably risk is a broken bone or two. With the right footwear and a jolly jumping monkey’s attitude, you’re good to go!

Definitely coming back to you, you beautiful Badlands!

Staycation Day #12 | Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Things I love ~

* All this extra hours of sleep!

* Practically living in our kitchen for two weeks now.

* Baking!!! Apple fritters, apple crisps, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, , carrot muffins with walnuts and cranberries…

* Making my own Binagoongan! It’s been a mystery – the perfect recipe, that is – for too long. Happy to
share I’ve cracked the code on that one! I’ve been handing out samples to friends.

* I’ve got goodies galore karma: freshly baked pandesal, garden-fresh kale, mint leaves and swiss chard from Jeanette and a plateful of seafood pasta from Chat and a trip to Max’s Fried Chicken, thanks to Jo-Ann who discovered the place for us.

Back to basics…Macintosh apples soaking in lemon juice and cinnamon…mmmmm! 20130714-151633.jpg


So very fresh it was still warm when it got here! From my neighbor, Jeanette’s, kitchen.

Day1/31 | Entry Way To July


So here we are!
Brand new blog home*, brand new month, brand new post.

We’re at the halfway point of another year and maaan (or womaaaan :)), this one went by so fast!  For me, more like a really fast rollercoaster ride, too!

I’m borrowing a page from a most delightful book, The Awe-manac where author, Jill Badonsky shares an invitation ~

Take a moment and reflect on the first half with light fascination. (…light like angel food cake!)

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