Day 25 | for the queens in my life

©KatShots | Queens Park: Blur | iPhoneography
I’ve got nothing for you today.  
Nothing note-worthy.
There’s just too many moving parts.  
Too tired.  
Too much.
To do.
I’ve got nothing for you today.  I think.
But Elizabeth Gilbert of the Eat.Pray.Love fame and the Ideas At The (Sydney Opera) House) does:  
“Women are very hard on themselves and I feel my message is to constantly remind them to relax that grip a bit.” 
©KatShots | Queens Park: Clear | iPhoneography

Courage in creativity (and relaxing the grip),

Flashback Friday plus a throwback song, too!

 Previously titled: Day 24 | And here’s another one for “Throwback Thursday” and a throwback song, too!
Join me and friends tomorrow on The Chiqui Pineda Show sa, 9AM/EST*; with the songwriter/producer himself, Vehnee ‘The Hitmaker” Saturno for more ChikaBlessings!!! *10PM/PST ; 5PM/UAE Time
Ang Big Hair…*bow*!  ACK. 😀 | 1992

The above photo was my very first ‘glamour shot’ for a newspaper article they were going to write about me.  It was a feature on the San Miguel Beer Ad’s Centennial Jingle – 100 Years of San Mig – which featured the late great Fernando Poe Jr. as the hero on a horse.  I got to sing the jingle.  I don’t have a recording of it.  Sayang.
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Day 23 | The Gigil Group | Throwback Thursday

Gigilesque #1 | 2008

Tim Horton’s

It’s Throwback Thursday and I’m jumping in.

The photos in this blogpost make me so very happy.  They’re from a time when the kids were still crazy about mommy’s big camera and her gigil kind of attention.  A time when they didn’t know words like “You can let go of my hand now, Mom.”

Just in case you’re in the same strange Tween Town or *gasp*, in the dark and often dreary Teen City.  Or perhaps barely survived it and you’d like a moment to reminisce about the good old days of Cuteness and Cuddles as I am now.  I get all teary looking at these babies of mine.  They’re growing up at warp-speed and into a different kind of species altogether.Continue Reading

Day 20 | revived. renewed. restored.

Main Street, Milton, ON
©KatShots | May 18, 2013

Hello po! 

I’m writing as naturally as I know how. Non-stop.  Keeping my hands moving across the keyboard.  I only have my photos, images I took this weekend, to guide me.  I trust that what I write and share will suffice.  I remember the practice and remind myself that this is enough.

This is a photo taken outside the Thai House Cuisine.  The A family just had the best thai food in Milton for lunch last Sunday.  As of this photo, we’re all walking from Froyo, the self-serve yogurt joint that was all abuzz the last time I visited Manila.  It was all over! Malls, grocery stores and street corners!  Just how much yogurt does one Filipino community need?  I wonder if it’s still the craze there now.

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Day 18 | one unforgettable week

My best effort belting out this classic ballad originally by Nat King Cole.

I’m still not 100% recovered.  There’s a tiny bit of scratchiness in my throat.  I’m able to do a mellow, un-birit song for you!  You’ll probably hear the squeakiness in there.

Happy to give you the best that I can for now.

Thanks to my J for the song suggestion.

Here’s something soft and mellow and hopefully not too forgettable!  😀