008/100:all i ask of you-a duet

Hi!  Chiqui Pineda for the 100im.perfect.songs project.

and some Toddbits, too!

1.  This is the first official duet on the 100songs.

2.  Todd has an amazing story to share – one that speaks of the great power of the human spirit.  I’m one of the lucky ones to hear it.  Hope he shares it with you, too.  (Your call, Toddster.;))

3.  This is one of my J’s favorite songs.  The Phantom of The Opera being his favorite musical ever, I’m not surprised.  (How many times did you watch it, hun, 7?!?)  I’ve asked him to let me record and share the duet we made.  He’s still being ‘shy’ about it.  One day…

4.  This was a Take 1 recording.  (Galing mo, Todd!  And don’tchaworry about that “Anywhere you go…” bit.  Anything goes!

5.  After recording, we had painting session pa with matching Nerf bullets flying around, thanks to little J.  In case you haven’t discovered yet, Todd is an excellent painter and doodler, too, having studied art.  But then he stopped.  He’s now beginning to let his artist breathe fresh air again.  Thank Muses for that.

6.  It was lots of fun having a fellow artist jam in on the 100songs for a change!  Change IS good.  (Unless it’s FB tinkering with the features again.  Happening today.  So many unhappy FB’ers, me included.)  I’m thinking of dragging inviting other friends to join in!  Right now I’m imagining some friends sing and plays the guitar so beautifully and soulfully.  (Anna, Darna, Coach Neil?  Are you there? ;))

7.  I love watching plays but don’t do it often enough.  Must pencil it in and make more time for it.

8.  I no longer believe in the “But there’s not enough time.” line.  This is one of the reasons I love the 40’s.  Less capacity for BS- from others and more importantly, from oneself.  😉

9.  I want…need my own car.  The family car is beginning to cough blood. 🙁  There’s oil blots on the driveway.  Rainy day came.  Rainy day left.  So what now?  Back to work-y day, that’s what.  Just want to bravely put that one out there.  I can almost see Coach Julie gently and wholeheartedly nodding in agreement.

10.  Grateful beyond words for the gift of Friendship and the icing on the cake, CREATIVE friendships!

Courage in Creativity,

006/100 : are we listening yet?


1.  I’m actually getting better at this ‘letting go’ business!!!  And if you’re anything like me and have struggled w/ this evil called perfectionism, this is cause for a celebration!  Bravely left all the ‘sablays’ – the flats and sharps, darn cheap earphone noises getting picked up by the microphone (Lee!  I know what you mean now.  Fullylee! LOL  *click-click*)  

2.  Lee, my superfriend and vocal coach gave me this Barbra Streisand version (originally from the play “Into The Woods” by Stephen Sondheim) to sing during one of our lessons.  Lee said the song idea came to him when I was ranting and raving like a loonytuney person on email about my latest parenting fail moment.  I think I went all momster at the poor little bunsoy J over a small thing (which back then seemed like a ‘big’ thing.) 

3.  In true sentimama form, it took me about half a dozen earnest attempts before I could finish this song back then.  I had to desensitize myself in preparation for the concert in which this was Song #8 or 9.  It turned out okay as my three munchsters came up on the stage with me and provided enough distraction while I sang.  Photos here.  (Thanks to Mr. Rene Sevilla)

4.  I had a choice this morning – to power nap or sing.  The obvious choice won.  I feel energized just the same.  😉

5.  I made a mistake saying “Day 7” when it’s only Day 6.  I’m leaving that in, too.  No biggie, as J loves to say.

6.  I got an email from Mr. Mavster (Eric Evangelista of the 100songs’s Kahit Ika’y Panaginip fame :)) which makes me happecstatic!  He’s given me a choice of four very good songs and since I couldn’t make up my mind, I picked all of the above!  Yay, CoLOVE.

7.  I’m going to include old vids, one of which is another collaboration, for the next post.  It’s the very first one I did on Facebook with another amazing young talent, Bobby Leynes who plays the piano like a dream.  Part of that coLove-story HERE.

8.  Meeting a dear friend for some Me-Time lunch today.  The weekend was a tiring one for this 2-childrens’-bday-parties +chauffer services+shopper mama. 

9.  This was the same video which was featured in Putting It Together, The Concert and it contains some of my best and most beloved photographs of my kids and my niece and nephew, too.  God bless and protect all our children!

10.  And may God bless and protect you, my dear friend, and here’s wishing you a God-centered, courageous and creative week!


100im.perfect.songs project:005:friday’s firework

The beats behind the song~

*  I put together this slideshow back in June, a grateful collage of photos from our vacation in Florida and other end of school year days.

*  I first heard the song Firework back in January and had goosebumps galore (‘geese’bumps according to Eric kasi marami) because of the words of encouragement (“You don’t have to feel like a waste of space, You’re original, cannot be replaced, If you only knew what the future holds, After a hurricane comes a rainbow…”  Amen!) and that video!

*  This was the last song added to my last concerts’ repertoire.  According to Direk Rey, we needed a fast song and this was the first and only one that came to mind.  It turned out to be the favorite of so many.  Jawaid loved it so much he listened to it all the way home from KCCC and the week that followed.  Emma, too! (Katy Perry who???  :*)  Although the tweens of Josie and Bong, Marikit and Julia caught on the wrong lyrics to which Bong said “Give her a break.  She only learned the song this week!”  Thanks, Dad!)

*  My favorite line in the song has got to be this:
Maybe you’re reason why all the doors are closed
So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road
Like a lightning bolt, your heart will blow
And when it’s time, you’ll know…

And I know YOU know.

*  The month of June was a month of performances for me, three!  One for the Fiesta in Brampton, the second in KCCC and the third in downtown for GMA 7’s Pinoy Independence Day Celebration in the Toronto Convention Center.  It was such a thrill to be singing/performing again.  But I must admit the most ‘kilig’ part was when those kids came up to me backstage to get to sign their little autograph books.   Thanks for recording the moment on your iPhone, Toddster!

Happy Weekend, my friend!

It’s time,

100im.perfect.songs: day004: this too shall pass


1~  This song was inspired by a very dear friend’s relationship story, you know the one where there’s a huge misunderstanding and breaking up and all that drama that we all inevitably go through in one way or another.  It all happened last year.

2~ I wrote this entire song in no more than 30 minutes.  Still brings tears to my eyes when I sing it because it bring back the memories of growing pains…and love.  Oh, the LOVE.  In the end, it’s all that really matters.

3~  It’s 9:31PM.  I’m normally done by mid-afternoon.  But good old Resistance was really strong with this one.  I think it’s because it’s “my” song, my words, my innards! which makes me feel more vulnerable.

4~  As if that wasn’t issue enough, I dared myself to do a Take 1, you know, just for fun (and because I was off by a couple of hours on chores!) and so I left in all the choked-up, cracky, drippy bits which I would have normally edited out.  I am braving emotional honesty and vulnerability. 

5~  Happy thoughts!  Happy thoughts!  I am so happy, so very grateful for the response of friends and fellow artists on this little project I’ve got going here…more collaborations, which I like to call CoLOVEborations.  Because that’s what this is all about if you think about it.

6~  Requests for certain songs and genres are beginning to come in, too!  I like.

7~  Some friends are complaining that they can’t open the link to the songs.  Hmmm…must check up on that.  No, Marjo, you are not tech-challenged.  :p

8~  Yay, Friday na bukas!  I’m so excited to sleep in!  Sleeeeeeep, I love and miss you.

9~  Is it too early to sing Christmas songs?  Ok.  Don’t answer that.

10~  It was so darn cold today when I picked up the kids from school.  We had to wear gloves when we went biking around the block.  Summer is definitely over in these parts. 

Aaaand my day is now over.  And out.  Goodnight, fellow creatives!


100 im.perfect.songs: day003: kahit panaginip


1.  I fell head-over-heels in love with this song last winter.  I liked it before as with almost all of Mr. C’s songs, but for some reason this one hit my harrrrt this time.  I was in the process of building my repertoire for a show and considered including it in my lineup.  Didn’t happen.

2. I love to sing.  I’ve loved it since I had any semblance of memory.  In fact, my earliest memories are those of singing along with Donny and Marie.  “I’m a little bit country…and I’m a little bit rock and roll…” 😉

3.  Eric “the mavster” Evangelista, the amazing talent behind the cool and heartfelt piano accompaniment here has been a friend of mine on flickr for many years.  We both love photography and I was a fan not only of his pictures and videos but his piano music posts as well.  Hoping for a live concert with him one of these days – in Seattle or Toronto or BOTH.

4.  I didn’t sing for many years for reasons I’ll share later.  Or not.  The reasons don’t seem to matter now as much as the doing it.  JDI.  😉  No matter how full my life was – with family, friends, work, possessions or lack thereof, comings and goings and the whole fun bag – it still felt like something was missing, like there was a hollow space in my insides that could never be filled by anything or anyone.  That whole sad story officially ended at a concert in our community center KCCC on Feb. 27, 2011.  And to this may I say Yay, ME!  And You.  Yes, YOU.  

To be continued…I promised the kids their trip to Mc Donald’s this afternoon. 😉  

5.  And I’m back.  While I write this at 7:31PM, the kids are getting ready for bed, one is taking a shower, the other getting her clothes for school ready and I’ve got my rosé wine chillin’ in the fridge waiting just for me.  Life is good.  Now if I can find the right lotion for these very dry hands then life would be just perfect. 

6.  It’s been two full weeks since O and I got back from our vacation w/ my parents and siblings back in Manila.  14 whole days.  I’ve got a really nice video summary – my parting gift to the Barangay Pineda (what my dad calls the fam) of the fun times which I couldn’t bear to watch yet.  It gives me a heavy feeling in my heart and really pinches.  So I’ll probably wait another week…baksayon engrande withdrawal symptoms suck.

7.  I’m thinking of doing my original songs next.  Enough of covers for now.  I don’t know if I’ll ever include HDYK in this hundred.  Maybe that’s be the finalé post.  100 songs.  A song a day.  What was I thinking???  LOL.  

8.  I have my dear superfriend Leander Mendoza to thank for my home studio set-up.  He was the one who encouraged me to JDI.  We went to this music store and got the studio-grade mike and the wires and the cables and the mixer and spit screen thingies (to avoid the popping sounds ^_^) – stuff I would never have had any idea how to put together by myself.  I’m so grateful for fellow artists, beloved kindred spirits who have come to my aid, my ‘rescue’ really and Lee (Lablee on Gallo-fueled days) is one of the best of them!  I hope to have a CoLOVEboration with him on this project.  Lablee, hint-hint!

9. Remembering yesterdays RE-learning:  When I do that which I love to do, the ‘unlovables’ become more tolerable and therefore I am more peaceful and joyful.  More joyful equals less ‘momsterful’. :p

10.  Did I say “I love singing” yet?

Kahit Ika’y Panaginip Lang
Composer: Ryan Cayabyab
Piano Accompaniment: Eric Evangelista