solo time with sol

He graduated today. Well, it’s not really a graduation, more like a farewell because his school only goes up until Grade 5. Now he’s off to the big kids’ school and *sigh*…my big boy is getting bigger and bigger everyday.

I couldn’t be prouder and happier and mushier! He makes me happy, this first pure love of mine named after a king.

The ‘king’ requested for a special solo time with his mom and baba. At the breakfast table this morning, he realized that he was going to have Jack and I to himself all through the day. So he said to me over his untouched cereal bowl – he was too excited to eat –

“Mom, since I’m graduating today and it’s just you and Baba invited (gym space issues) can the three of us go out for lunch…because I never get to be alone with you much…”

And here’s where this mommy melts into a puddle of goo.

Seems like only yesterday…

In Boracay, 2001, Sol, 3mos.old

Sol in 2008, 8 yrs old

And more tears. HAPPY, joy*full tears…in slowly realizing how old I really am!


B is for bread

I’ve been baking. Buttery cookies, banana nut muffin cakes, breakfast choco-hazelnut biscuits and yes, freshly baked fragrant bread in the mornings. I don’t know when it started exactly, this compulsion to bake from scratch but I think it’s from my BGF (best gay friend) Lablee’s good influence and ever since I heard the word Brodie from the master of glutten-free freshly baked breads himself.
Today I made fresh banana bread with white chocolate chips and raisins for my sister, Bahar. It’s so wonderfully delicious right after it cools down a bit from the oven and with a matching cup of coffee. Or milk.

All this bake-talk is suddenly making me very hungry and all this baking is making my kids, especially the bread monster, Joshim, very happy!

the lone but not lonely orange

The lone orange
Watercolor pencils
Journal Entry: June 20, 2011

I’m loving this habit of drawing daily. It’s like a mini vacation, an instant retreat in a sketchbook. I can take my break anywhere I want – in bed, out on the porch, in the toilet, by the lake…love, love, love it!

I joined The Sketchbook Project! It was a spontaneous decision that felt so right in my gut, you know how that one feels. Will have more news about that when my actual, serial numbered sketchbook arrives. Can you tell I’m all excited?

And that’s all for today, folks. Orange you glad I didn’t babble too much this time?